Dragonfly Mosaic and Glass Art
Dragonfly Mosaic and Glass Art 
Edna Teller, Artist
dichroic glass fusion pendant for sale
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High fired, vitreous ceramic tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor display.
All tiles are
  one of a kind,
          and fired
            by the artist.
Colorful art tiles with unique shapes.
custom mosaic tiles in California
handcrafted mosaic tiles
detail of mosaic tile and glass frame for sale
mosaic tile mirror for sale
handcrafted mosaic tiles
©2014 Edna Teller, Dragonfly Mosaic and Glass Art
Dichroic fused glass sushi dish
Fused Glass Necklace
Another thing I love about fused glass is its unpredictability. Once the layers of glass melt in the kiln, all bets are off. I can usually imagine what the finished pendant will look like, but it’s just a guess; I am always amazed at the transformation when the finished piece comes out of the kiln. 
I was introduced to the magical world of glass because of my work as a mosaic artist. Instead of ceramic tiles, I used stained glass to create my abstract mosaics. It was a natural transition, then, to create glass jewelry by melting (fusing) glass in a kiln, heated to 1350°F.
Dichroic fused glass pendant
Dichroic Glass Necklace
Dichroic fused glass necklace